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Hey Friends!
I would like to extend my support for many of my fellow Next Top Spiritual Author contestants, so here is another list. I am a busy mother of two little ones and have not had the opportunity to make many connections in the contest, so I have used a compiled list from my friend and fellow NTSA contestant Andrea Hylen who I met through a couple on line spiritual energy work groups we were in together. The list below is written in her words and are friends she’s met through various routs. I do not know these people personally but many of them have wonderful ideas and I believe each and every one of us has a powerful gift to share with humanity! THAT is a movement I want to support as much as possible!! –

Andrea Hylen’s book is Open to Inspiration: The summer a woman discovered herself with a teenage daughter and the Jonas Brothers on a 10,000 mile road trip. –

Of course, If you have not had the chance yet, be sure to vote for me! I need YOUR vote to make it to the next round! Many of you have already read my first chapter and called for MORE MORE MORE! This may be the opportunity I have been hoping for! Please vote for me and Flashpoint @ Thank you! With love -J

If you missed my radio interview with Tambra Harck on Joy of Love and life, here’s your chance! This was my first radio interview ever and Tambra was a wonderful host! Much Love!!

Tambra Harck- Tambra has a radio show called Joy of Love and Life. She had the inspired thought to invite Next Top Author contestants to her show over the next month. The fan page for her show is Her book is called Sacred Truths. To listen to her audio

6. Amber Welsh – Amber is a medical researcher, writer and change coach. I met her through an e-mail list with spiritual peacemakers and connected because of the contest. (One of the beautiful opportunities) Her book is called Perspective: Finding Magic in Every Day Life. View her video here-

7. George Harris – George is a Minister of Metaphysics and Spiritual Peacemaking. I have had the opportunity to attend 2 James Twyman spiritual retreats with George. We were in a core group of ministers that met every week for a period of time after one of the retreats. He is an incredible communicator, minister and facilitator. His book is called, One with God/One As God. Listen to his audio here

8. Gina Villa-Grimsby. Gina is a minister of spiritual peacemaking. We have supported each other on Facebook for a long time and I have great respect for her journey. Name a life challenge and she has experienced it personally! Her book is a memoir and is called, The Optimystic Ride. View her video here.

9. Jean Roorda. Jean is a writer, teacher, spiritual coach and parent. I met Jean on Facebook! Her book is called Our Next Step: Right Action and Right Relationship for a Radically New Human Experience. Check out her video

10. Kimberly Coots. Kimberly is a minister of spiritual peacemaking who I met through some very good friends. She is the founder of project heart space, a free on-line resource to inspire people to awaken to their hearts. Her book is called, Divine Worth. View her video here:

11. Beth Rosen. Beth is amazing! I would list all of her accomplishments, talents and interests here, but…watch her video instead. I met Beth on the SHARE area for the authors in the contest. She is high energy and is on the group site to encourage, connect and enlighten. Her book is called: It Does Matter and So Do You. Check out her video

12. Betsy Muller- Betsy is the founder of the Indigo Connection and is an energy coach. She also has 29 years of experience in corporate America. I met Betsy on Facebook, watched her video and felt an instant connection! Her book is called, “Energy Makeover: Simple Self Care and Soul Care for Creating a Magnificent Life” Watch her video here-

13. Eugene Pitout. Eugene has had quite a journey of studying and experiencing spirituality and metaphysics. I met him on the Share site for the authors in this contest. About one minute into his audio, I felt like I was entering a relaxed meditative state. So glad he is feeling guided to creating meditations!. His book is called, “I Create Therefore I Am.” Listen to his audio here

14. Phyllis Abbott. Phyllis has a powerful story to tell about depression. Her energy is very soft and low key. I can see how important her story is for someone who is struggling with depression. I have attended spiritual retreats with Phyllis and she is passionate and filled with love about sharing a message with people and helping them heal. Her book is called, “Awakening.” Watch her video here:

Raija Rintapaa. Raija is a minister of spiritual peacemaking who lives in Finland. I met her in Oregon at a spiritual retreat with James Twyman. We were both ordained as ministers at that retreat in 2006. I love reading her simple messages of love and hope on her Facebook page. She is pure love and a gentle soul. Her book is called “Fearless Connection: How to keep your freedom in a relationship.

16. Anita Pathik Law. Anita is a spiritual leader, a wisdom keeper, a song writer, a minister and great teacher. And none of these words really describes the powerful spirituality that pours from her soul out into the world. I met Anita when I was organizing an Evolutionary Women Retreat in 2007 and she agreed to be a speaker. The name of her book is Returning to Your Original Intention. View her video here:

17. Biff and Laurie Boggs Biff and Laurie were on on Tambra Harck’s radio show on. When I heard the beginning of their story, I connected with their hearts and the love they transmit. The book was written by Biff and is telling Laurie’s story. It is dedicated to their son, Preston. One of the ways the book is described, Learn to be empowered by your own tragedy. The book is called, “Hitting Fear Head On: Become Light as a Feather, Joyful with Love, and Free to Fly.” View the powerful video here:

18. Cheryl Hiebert. Cheryl is a spiritual teacher who is committed to helping people cope with loss.. I connected with Cheryl through the peacemaker group. Her book focuses on grieving the loss of an animal and connects her personal experience to the common feelings many of us experience with any loss. Her book is called, “Losing Willow: Grieving the loss of an animal companion” The video link is:

19. Lisa Bonnice. Lisa is a high energy, dynamo! I love her approach to excess weight or illness. She calls it a blessing and a clue your body is telling you. I listened to Lisa’s story on the radio show with Tambra Harck and I connected with her immediately. I want you to hear her message. Her book is called, “Shape Shifting: The body/mind/spirit weight solution” Watch her video here:

20. Yvonne Read. Yvonne is a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking. We connected through an e-mail group of spiritual peacemakers. Her book is an illustrated book for young children and their parents. It has 52 colorful affirmations, one for each week. The name of her book is: Parenting through the Power Within. You can view her video here

21) Lynn Serafinn. Lynn is a Transformation Coach who has used her personal story to help people unlock their own. She is an author, radio talk show host and has a passion to help other spiritual authors unlock their own passions. I heard her story on Tambra Harck’s radio show and felt inspired to reach out and connect with her. Her book is called, The Garden of the Soul: Lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self. The link to her video is here:

22) Margaret Adams. Margaret is a retired nurse and widow who is sharing wisdom in her community. I met Margaret at a women’s gathering in Conway, Arkansas when I was invited to share insights from a book I co-authored called Conscious Choices. Margaret has been a well kept secret up until now. Being in her presence and talking about life in a very simple way, I felt transformed from listening to her stories and connecting with her deep wisdom. Her book is called, Messages of Love: My spiritual experiences. Click here to watch her video-

23) Sandy Harper. Sandy considers herself a Mommy first to her 3 yr old miracle baby Jake. She was inspired in prayer to create Gratitude Boot Camp. I first heard of Sandy on Tambra Harck’s radio show. I love gratitude and felt a connection to her book. The book is called: Gratitude Habit: Live in Gratitude and Create the Life of your Dreams. Her video link is here:

24) Shamim Sadiq. Shamim is a physician by profession and a curious soul searcher living life around the world. One of my Facebook/networking friends connected me with Shamim. She talks about the journey of life in her book. Her book is called: Aim Vertically not Horizontally. Listen to her audio here.

25) Wal Achmueller. Wal is an artist and a communicator devoted to encourage creative Self-expression. Connecting with her was one of the inspired examples of this contest. I accepted a friend connection from her on Facebook. A few days later I felt inspired to get on the Author share site. She had shared the link to her video and a few inspired quotes that I connected to personally. I watched her video and decided to vote and ask if I could include her on the blog. Then I realized that we had been crossing paths for 3 days. Cool, huh? The title of her book is Sanctuary of Creativity: A Quest Into Self and the Creative Flow. The link to her video is here: