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Hello Dear Friends! Six months ago I posted a blog called “Your Soul is calling, are you listening?” (12/14/09) “…If your soul calls to write, or anything else for that matter, always answer the call … no matter how hard it may be at first… it is your SOUL calling. You SOUL always has your happiness at heart.

So Here’s to listening to your soul… doing what you yearn to do… and taking full responsibility for your joy, happiness and full realization of your dreams!”

I also quoted from Stephen Kings book “On Writing”. At the end he tells of his horrendous near-death experience of being mangled by a van while taking his afternoon walk mid way through creating this book, and his “grim slog” through his first day of writing after months of excruciating recovery. To quote his words about his “inner voice”; “It is possible to disobey that voice, but very difficult to disbelieve it.”

We all know how profound that voice can be -when we listen- so…. why don’t we listen more often? Why don’t we let it guide our every moment? our every step?

Some would say it’s fear. Some would say it’s ego. Some would say it’s just plain doubt.
I’d say all those answers are right -and it’s all the same really- but just for the sake of simplifying I think it all really comes down to … mind chatter. Forwards, backwards, upwards, downwards, and spiraling every which direction continually. We over, psycho, and cross-analyze the past to sort out the present and prepare for the future. We THINK we are solving our problems and planning for a better future, and true, we may make SOME progress… but the truth is, we have totally blocked ourselves into very limited prospects when we over-analyze and over-plan based on a past that is no longer relevant and fear that we project into an otherwise pristine and potentially glorious future.

The Truth is…

If we quiet the mind chatter -even a few moments- and tune into the quiet stillness within, there lies all the shining inspiration that takes us quantum leaps beyond what all our “diligent mind-chatter” tried to “safely” plan for us, and into something more glorious than we could possibly imagine. That quiet voice within KNOWS your deepest desires. It KNOWS the best route to get you there too.. one step at a time. All you have to do is asks… be still … and LISTEN in peaceful quiet.

Now my dear friends, no one knows mind chatter better than I. Although I have always listened to my inner guidance,… how much agony?… how many lifetimes worth of peace and brilliant, joyous creation have I ignored?… to spend time with that time and inspiration wasting kill-joy; over-analyzing, doubting, cross-examining and future planning/questioning/boxing in mind chatter??

Being rather sensitive to “future” energies, one of my biggest mind chatter issues is trying to put the puzzle together with out all the pieces. Especially when I REALLY want what I think