Sometimes I see everything as the illusion it is… completely devoid of any meaning or value. A Course In Miracles teaches, “I will not value what is valueless” (meaning seeking outside ourselves to quell illusions of fear, lack,’ loss and separation) and I feel peaceful and float through many challenges. But sometimes my ego runs… Read more »

Meditate yourself into total detached bliss and have a hard time returning to what we call “life” ? Yea, me too.   But this is also the amazing Zero Point when we are in perfect Neutrality and have finally let go of all we were focused on creating. Let go so much that floating in… Read more »

Hello Divine Family! This post is the first of a series of 8 statements from The way Of Mastery Lesson 21. The guidance is to write whatever comes up as we sit with and contemplate these statements. I invite you to read my thoughts on the statements and post your own in comments below 🙂… Read more »

In a recent English writing and college composition course, for my research paper I chose my passionate area of interest -the power of mind! Researching and writing this essay was a challenge with trying to fit all this amazing info into and 8 page essay in the format and requirements of the corse -which are… Read more »

This video is an excellent description of what I do with guiding a meditation or individual coaching to create a cellular “feeling experience” to change the established patterns of limiting beliefs:) The center of the brain or center of “Being-ness” is where I guide to draw and magnetize focus to, to reset the mind regularly… Read more »