Childrens picture books; My spiritual beliefs, my reverence of childhood exuberance with life, their open love and passion for adventure, combined with my desire to help preserve these gifts, inspired me to write the Mariah the Magnificent series. Too often children are oppressed and we become adults with fears of rejection, self doubt, and anger… Read more »

Flashpoint: A reality based sci-fi, metaphysical, action suspense, love story, based on current day research on the power of intention and quantum physics. Heart clenching, mind bending, page turning entertainment to expand concepts of what reality can be. Using cutting edge science and taking it just another step or two, I excite and implant grander… Read more »

Even some of the most rudimentary mind-over-matter experiments have had tantalizing results. One of the first such studies involved attempts to influence a throw of dice. To date, 73 studies have examined the efforts of 2,500 people to influence more than 2.5 million throws of dice, with extraordinary success. When all the studies were analyzed… Read more »

Elmer Green had demonstrated in his research that an enormous surge of electrostatic energy occurred during healing. When a person is simply standing still, his or her breathing and beating heart will produce electrostatic energy of 10-15 millivolts on the EEG amplifiers; during activities requiring focused attention, such as meditation, the energy will surge up… Read more »