INspired Action -repost

Feb 15th, 2012 | | Uncategorized

Hello Divine Brothers and Sisters! This has been my most popular post to date and I have been guided to repost it 🙂 Many more new blogs to come, but … As I always encourage everyone else to do … I had to follow my inner guidance to repost this article 🙂 HAPPY INSPIRATIONS ALWAYS… Read more »

The Marriage of Magic and Faith

Dec 27th, 2010 | | Uncategorized

*I wrote this letter after an opening weekend Enwaken training in Boulder CO for the intuitive coaching course I am currently in. The teacher, David Morelli, also happens to be a Bishop. In balance, it’s quite a powerful mix with the Marriage of Magic and Faith. Within days of coming home from the Boulder weekend… Read more »

Inspired Action

Sep 30th, 2010 | | Uncategorized

Hello Dear friends! I am about a week and a half into a 6 week intensive energy work program called Immersion Solution with David Morelli. This program is all about clearing your blocks to the real YOU that is burning to be released :). I wrote out this experience after one of our daily morning… Read more »