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If randomness becomes organized during and even BEFORE mass amounts of attention are focused on one thing – Randomness becomes more organized consistently even with just meditation- I think we should all give regular personal meditation, as well as global intention mediation, much more serious attention.

If we can focus on anything we desire -say peace and harmony internally or externally- the systematic organization of such an experience can come about by simply focusing on it … Especially with large numbers of people focused at once.

Let’s give it a try!

01:1:10 at 11:11 (AM & PM ) Light a Candle and focus at least a minute preferably 15, For World Peace & Gratitude!

Let’s keep changing the world!!!

One Response to “Dean Radin: The Global Consciousness Project”

  1. Darin

    Simply Amazing !! The Power of the Mind(s) ! The Power of God !! Put it Together and We can Accomplish Miracles :) Lets Focus on Love in Every Breath We Take :o)

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