What is Divinity Revealing?

If you had the keys to the Drivers seat of your Universe, would you use them?

Guess what. You do.

I wonder how I am going to be amazed and impressed at how this all turns out so much better than I can imagine?

Experience the Power of YOU! Every answer to every question and solutions to every issue lie within you. Would you like profound, dynamic change in your life? Would you like to feel or at least be able to find your peaceful eye of the storm no matter what is happening around you? How much longer do you want to be worried and stressed, weighed down by old issues and subconscious patterns, feeling stuck and unsure?

Shifting your mind and emotions around your problems will change them and change you. Together as a TEAM we will use our inherent limitless ability of Intuition to gain clarity, understanding and relief AND you will learn to access this ability WHENEVER YOU NEED IT! This is VERY powerful work. This is dynamic work. If you want change, it is for you. I know the power of energy reading and clearing because I have experienced countless Miracles and a WHOLE LIFE OVERHAUL to learn to Live and Walk IN MY DIVINE TRUTH ~All The Time. It is scary … terrifying at times… but THE MOST POWERFUL AND FASTEST Methods I have ever used! ~The only obstacles are the ones you believe it. ~There ARE NO OBSTACLES TO YOUR SOURCE POWER!

And NOTHING feels more amazing than basking in the Divine Truth of What We Are!

It works for me and it works for my clients. I believe in this work so strongly that I would love to offer you a FREE 30 min session to give you first hand Experience. EXPERIENCE the REAL DIVINE YOU. This is Divinity Revealing. Uncovering Divinity by clearing all the B.S. we believed about being anything less than Divine and Limitless Beings!
The work can be done on the phone or using Skype. Regular price for single 30 min sessions are $120 and a three-session package is $300. But for a ONE TIME offer you can get a Special package of 3x 30 min session for only $150** This is an AMAZING DEAL because most of my fellow coaches I trained with are charging $150- $250 and up for 30 min sessions -and I will too very soon!! SO schedule now for a FREE 30 min session and take advantage of this LIMITED OPPORTUNITY to get this VERY LOW RATE to Experience and Enhance the Power of You!

Would you like to have experiences like these?

Fran Visscher Posted to Jame M Eastman;
Vasse, Western Australia
“Hello Jamie M Eastman, I wanted to personally thank you as you were and are a major source of inspiration for me. I had a free call with you, when I had just had my life pulled from under me…at the time, I was so sad, but you gave me the

hand up that I needed to follow my passion, and seek more inner truth and peace. I am still on that journey, but there is a bright light shining now, that is about to explode! Bless your soul, beautiful lady!!!” -Fran Visscher Moore

“Wow!”  That was my first response to working with Jamie in a personal find-what’s-blocking me energy session. Besides going straight to the root of the problem, Jamie’s insights and intuition are phenomenal. I’m not talking about some vague, tip-toe-around the subject guesswork here – Jamie goes right to the heart of the matter with a surgeon’s skill and expertise – only she uses a spiritual scalpel to remove whatever blocks your life and energy.  Her openness and flow with spirit allows her the ability to provide you accurate specifics and details – not vague generalities.  With her loving counsel, she guides you through understanding, healing and release.  Besides doing the energy work, the next day after my first session, the hip pain I’d been experiencing for the last few months completely disappeared — which was a side benefit of the session and not the intended goal. I’m so excited to be working with Jamie, I can’t wait to go on to my next session.”- Laurie J. Brenner, Author Changing Planes – a Metaphysical Fiction http://www.ChangingPlanes.net

“Jamie has a wonderful intuitive gift. It beautifully translates into a masterful tool to help people identify areas of concern in their emotional body. Once highlighted, she gently encourages you through the visualization process to shift negative thought patterns associated with the imbalance. I enjoyed my session and recommend her to anybody looking for assistance in moving through a life challenge.”  -Kimberly “Dusty” Leal www.dustysplace.org

“I’ve really learned to expand my energy and hold presence with the world.  As well, Jamie really helped me get to the core of my issues.  She gently led me into those dark corners and held the energy as I explored them and ultimately let them go.  I would not be as evolved, as clear or as open had I not had a regular practice of meditation with Jamie.  I am grateful for her presence in my life as a guide and as a friend!” -Leva Daniels

“Jamie Eastman is an incredible intuitive.  Jamie has provided me with many intuitive readings that have allowed me to identify my blocks and patterns, and move them out.  I am experiencing more joy and happiness in my life than ever before, and it is large part due to the readings I have received from Jamie. Thank you, Jamie, your are awesome!” -Scott Koepsell Denver CO

The Key to the Universe is that quiet steady voice within. The voice we hear strong and clear when the clutter of our minds subsides long enough for the powerful instantaneous Inspiration. That Inspiration is your Divine Truth calling you Home. To your Divine Life, if only by baby steps.

Unfortunately, for most of us, that Divine Voice is covered up with countless layers of distractions, life clutter, limiting beliefs and programing to “stay small and complacent”.

What if you could tune into that Voice and let it be your One Guiding Light in Loving your life and Allowing it to be the HEAVEN we are meant for? How do we do this? Sure there is that “voice” but how do we get it WHENEVER we need it? How do we use the Power Of Our Minds and Inner Rhythms to the Full Capacity Source Intended for us?

Yes, we’ve all heard the power of meditation and guided visual imagery, and it IS powerful, but, having someone SEE YOUR DIVINE ESSENCE and TRUTH is THE MOST validating experience anyone could ever have. Better yet, being able to see and tune into this Truth of what WE ALL ARE ~Each an every day~ Making Each moment a Holy Instant of NOW. That is our goal in life. This has been the most powerful practice in my life and I would LOVE to share it with you to Empower Your Divine Life!

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These are  notes from some of the revelations I have had from over four years of doing this work:

We may have been born with this deep knowing and resonance of knowing our TRUTH, but gradually it is trained out of us.  Life is one big lesson in letting Go of attachments outside of us to make us happy, because it will eventually let us down if we give it all our power. BUT if We BASK in our Loving Divine Essence and let the rest all go, we can CREATE ANYTHING and enjoy it. As long as we KNOW whatever “IT” or THEM is. It is NOT the SOURCE of your happiness, >>>>YOU ARE<<<<

I interpret this as, when I over flow from my Essence and Loving truth from within, anything is possible. I can have ANYTHING. If I get too attached and give all my power to a few specific things to make me happy, as all things come and go in this continually shifting world, it will eventually pass and I will have to search for something else to attach to, leaving me powerless and limited.

Unless I am always full and fully loving myself and NO longer holding any of those false untruths, then I can have EVERYTHING. 🙂 All the Love I can handle! All the money I can toss! All the joy and laughter until my sides split! All the freedom to BE HAPPY! 🙂  It is already our truth so I don’t have to “get it” to know it 🙂 I just need to Tune into it NOW. This is NOT about manifesting your “dream life” with all the “stuff” you can dream up. It’s about knowing where your TRUE source and Love is and from That KNOWING, you can HAVE Everything because it already IS >YOU< >HERE AND NOW<.

~Sometimes that means shoveling off all the S#%T that was covering it up

~It also just means taking your subconscious energy out of the B.S. and redirecting it back to your Divine Essence. Divinity Revealed.

YOU ARE your creator of Love, abundance and dream careers. It ALL FLOWS OUT FROM YOU>>> if you are tuning into YOUR DIVINE ESSENCE. The other way around (ie. I will be happy when I manifest_______ (fill in the blank)) does not work. That’s what I love about all this work!! We are clearing the blocks and flooding with Essence to to TUNE INTO happiness to RESONATE Happiness in all forms!! It’s NOT “OUT THERE”!!! the Source of EVERYTHING Is WITHIN YOU!!

I have come full circle to all the releasing I had done about the things I LOVED THE MOST always somehow letting me down through the abandonment pattern I had recreated. I had given all my power to the things I loved the most. Hinging my very happiness on “them” being something they could never be or give me. The REAL ME.

In my past I have had a Very hard time with this because, being an extremely intuitive person, I have seen & felt some AMAZING visions of my future & inspirations to “get there”. I would become so attached to my visions that I would start to feel anxious, gripping & overwhelmed w/ the “how am I going to accomplish this???? It seem SO FAR AWAY!!!” Not only that, but the intense URGE to “get THERE” would then make me feel frustrated & depressed that it wasn’t here yet. Like “I indented so powerfully, so …. where’s my stuff???” All that “impatient /get there” energy does is Block the Flow & get in the way.

So then, I felt like I had to give up all my Dreams and Goals as I am not supposed to intend. 🙁 For me, this resulted in several relatively brief (brief because I work energy & constantly ask for help from Source) bouts of extreme depression. At the time, giving up Everything to Divine flow & order felt like giving up my soul & most prized Loves of my Heart. Surrendering to being a lifeless, goal-less, pile of mush that is supposed to just be happy w/ doing & being nothing. (wow -surprised to have tears resurfacing). I sobbed. I moped. I felt drained & lifeless.

But after that, the Miracles happened.

I felt such incredible LOVE, Peace & Bliss!! And guess What?? ALL MY DREAMS & VISIONS CAME BACK CLEARER, BRIGHTER & CLOSER Than before!!. BECAUSE my deepest desires ARE DIVINE INTENTION!!

>>>It’s not that I am telling the Universe what I want, My DEEPER desires ARE the DIVINE telling me a reflection of WHAT I AM!!<<<< LIMITLESS JOY AND HAPPINESS!! I received totally OUT OF THE BOX inspirations that are so much BETTER than anything I could Dream of! AND I had such a sense of peaceful and perfect unfolding!!

~~*”My DEEPER desires ARE the DIVINE telling me WHAT I AM!!”*~~

Last year I participated in a group blessing where we were supposed to intend our “wishes”. As I was visualizing my book release, family, money, travel & freedom, it felt contrived & I didn’t feel I was getting it right. Then I landed on the ONE GOAL that felt like the all-encompassing, most joy producing, perfect Intention. To Know My DIVINE SELF.

I realized I had to let go of my goal & my time line & COMPLETELY SURRENDER to DIVINE FLOW & SERVICE. Although I have known my books & my writing are a part of MY DIVINE PURPOSE & ARE Inspired, I felt like trying to put it into MY time line or even thinking about a “due date” was adding pressure & Mucking up the process. It may very well happen sooner & better, or later & better but either way, I realized I have to let it go & trust.
In every moment I will simply ask My Divine Self, “What would you have me do now to express my greatest Truth?”.

All else will flow in line as a result. Greatest Joy, Peace and Love.

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Infinite Love and Gratitude Goddess Sista’s and Divine Brotha’s!
~Jamie M Eastman
Author and Divinity Revealing Coach