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Jobs Of Jamie:

A satirical journey through my many jobs (aprox. 18 jobs/chapters), follies and crazy unique characters along my route to self discovery.

Just a taste…

The Grocery Store- age 15 (a few months before 16 -I lied to get the job) to about 17- cleaning the bloody meat department and water fights with the hunky guy I had a crush on in the fish department. Soon became a courtesy-jerk and the hijinks and pranks intensified;

The Video Store age 17-19 ish, my flaming gay manager who wanted to dress me up in baby doll pigtails and hot pink mini shorts and my good UW track/football friend who felt he should have been born a woman – He lost a bet and I was the first lucky one to put him in a dress! -It’s the first time I’ve ever had someone ever want to kiss me, who also wanted to BE me…;

The head office for a Western Clothing Store chain Age 19- chain owned by Koreans who always wore 10 gal hats and required us to bow and say ah-ne-ah-se-oh = Howdy in Korean (so I was told), when they entered the room;

The Modeling Agency with the Nazi owner age 19;
Selling Filter Queen Majestic vacuum cleaners, age 19, by demonstrating at peoples homes…for oh, a month, and the crazed manager who took a visiting representative hostage- years later I met the former owner of the company by chance and heard the whole story(!!!);

Waitressing at Hooters (age 20) at their premier restaurant in Washington state, get an insiders perspective on working with so many women, how we were taught to be “playful” with all our guests, singing songs and wiggling while on display, being ogled and stalked by admirers and the girl-next-door policy… -Now there’s some interesting stories!
Held my longest waitressing job ever while going to Massage school- I was fired within a day of taking my final test! … my 3rd firing out of 5 waitressing jobs…. guess I wasn’t cut out to be a waitress…
(all names will be changes to protect privacy)