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In many World Mythologies, the Goddess is represented as the full range from the ever-loving and nurturing Mother and creator, to the Volatile mischief maker that just loves to toy with and seduce man kind for the fun of it. And when I am PMS-ing I am reminded of the ever fickle Hawaiin Goddess of the Volcano, Pele.


Pele is also recognized as the Goddess of jealousy, passion, power and Capriciousness. Yes… a truly well rounded Goddess of all fiery emotions that bring life…


And a particular death of sacrifice for her demands…


Pretty intense huh? That’s why I personally believe that the ritual Red Tent, when women are secluded to women- only tents for rest, respite and meditation in the days before and during her menses, should be a modern feminine practice as well … if not a law for the safety of others.


You think I am joking.


But in all honesty, I have learned, as I have deepened into my emotional core and vulnerable Goddess Divine, that this time of PMSing is much more valuable than just an irritating nuisance and eruptive time of emotion that makes me feel like a horrible person and all in my path better watch out!

During many years of deep core energy work and rebuilding, where I intentionally dove into the murky depths of my twisted consciousness to purge, cleanse and heal to physically embrace more of my True Light, Love and Divine Essence, I discovered the incredible power of PMS. I know I am by no means the first to discover this as the incredible power of passionate women has been the inspiration of myth and legend for eons.


But perhaps I am one of the “modern” women that is reclaiming my incredible value and power in the ebbing masculine society we live in. The most balanced, harmonious and successful societies are run by the healthy balance of Masculine and Feminine.  Not Just women ass-kicking in movies with masculine energy and men getting manny-petti’s and wearing sharp clothes, but also Women and men truly being in touch with BOTH aspects within themselves.


My amazing revelation is that women already have this incredible balance embodied within their menstural cycle. After the mensus period has finished, a woman is in her more “masculine/extroverted” stage often full of energy, vigor and can be very active and vivacious. And irritations and triggered are more easily rationalized, ignored, brushed aside or released.

We are charming, energized, flirtatious and magnetic for attention. In the later stages of the cycle when the hormone scales have tipped and begin their decline toward PMS, we become gradually more mellow, sensual and ready for more “girlie” movies and may lean toward introversion.

Then the scales really tip and we begin to feel irritated at the littlest things… sounds that earlier in the month didn’t bother us or even delighted and stimulated us become noise that is blaring, jarring and agitating. And all those “little” irritations that were tiny pinpricks or minor mosquito bites earlier in the month now feel like blaring, raging, fiery-blazing I-seriously-can’t-stand-being-in-my-own-skin-because-I-want-to-Tear-EVERYTHING-AND-EVERYONE-TO-PIECES triggers!!!

Exaggeration? Maybe a little.

But not much.

A Course In Miracles, lesson 5, says; “There are no small upsets. They are all equally disturbing to my mind.” and  “I am not angry at _______ for the reason I think.”

ACIM say’s that the reason we are upset is because as much as we love our little story and projections, i.e. partners, children, career, houses etc… they are all still not the limitless radiant bliss of our Truth within. Our Limitless Divine Loving Nature that is ALL THERE IS and is not contained in a body bound to all these false little requirements and tedious distractions we so deeply believe we must do or deal with to survive or the whole world will collapse with out us!!

And we feel exhausted, drained depleted and … well … pissed off, at all the little tasks, small-minded limitations, distractions and even loved ones that We have chosen to focus on instead of our LIMITLESS Divine TRUTH … and resting a while in Source Within to replenish.

We can certainly enjoy our “Happy Dream” stories to the fullest as they are the gift of our healed mind on it’s way back to full truth!

But, If we do not listen to those little whispers to rest and let go for a while to replenish… let go of the dream a little more each month and release it to our Higher Selves to heal as we rest… those thinly veiled irritations can turn a happy dream into a nightmare rather quickly.

I believe The Goddess in PMS is a blessing. Yes, a very agitating, disturbing and down right destructive element to my carefully constructed illusions I call my life … but I say thank you.

Because as I have chosen this path of healing -of which there are many- I have learned to listen to my emotional cues and know this is a very powerful time of healing and setting myself and my world (with the infinitely more powerful help of my Higher Self) free of more and more layers of my false small illusion of who and what I think I am.

I am never upset for the dishes, the laundry, the kids who make never-ending messes -with such sweet smiles and glee-, the partner who leaves the milk on the counter or buys the WRONG kind of chocolate treat at this critical time -though he meant well-…

I am upset because I have denied my SELF.

I am upset because I have denied my Limitless, Loving, Divine, Truth to have an experience, adventure and story of separation and I have forgotten …

I created all of this in the first place…

And I can choose peace instead at ANY time…

So fellow Goddesses, (and the Gods who love them -for the name God/Goddess is our inheritance. We are One in the Same) use this powerful time wisely … listen to your body and do NOT deny your Self.

Be present with all the emotions and ask your Higher Self to take them, heal your mind and show you the Truth.

And be still an instant (or a week !) and go home. (ACIM lesson 182)


let the dishes go.

let the laundry go.

leave the phone calls for later… you created them… you can release the illusion of “pressure”.

Rest and replenish as much as you can and journal out all the rage but remember …

We are upset because we have chosen illusions over truth so let them go for a while and I promise… they will change as we release.

And more of the Happy dream will be revealed as we let it all go for a while and let our mind be healed!

Infinite love and Gratitude Goddesses and Gods of my heart!



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