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“I will finally tell you the secret…

I am the Divine creator of all you see -and so are you! We have been playing this game of being a “human be-ing” just for the sheer delight of exploring what it’s like and all manner of adventures we can conjure from our imaginations.

Sometimes we imagined some pretty harrowing tales of “whoa” and character by character, and journey by journey, we began to forget we were the ones writing the script and orchestrating our every pleasure and pain that we became unconscious and imagined ourselves as victims of our own character development. The journey has seemed like it has been drawn out for eons but as with all dreams it’s only been an instantaneous moment in no existence of time or space.

It’s been our favorite game for many universes and dimensions of creation -so what shall we create next?



Creative writing prompt while in Tama Kieves writing class and my resulting response.

Tama Kieves: Career Transition Expert & Author

Infinite Love and Gratitude!