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Infinite Love & Gratitude,

Ask yourself this question: What are we really capable of?
Avlyn Shaylee is a beguiling beauty with uncommon awareness and unique skills that shatter boundaries of the mind. Through her precise perception, distinct effect on people and her ability to influence water to take on the properties and impacts she intends, she must overcome unsurmountable odds.

Avlyn must retrieve a diamond of unsurpassable wealth, The Perfect Lady, from the elusive Sutra, who are days away from perfecting a deadly weapon with the diamond as the key ingredient.

Flashpoint richly entices your heart and mind beyond limits you will no longer believe in. This story excites and intrigues grander possibilities of intention through action, suspense, metaphysics, and a powerful love that bridges space and time.

Join Avlyn in her journey toward the Flashpoint, and learn along with her, what the limitless power of love can do even in the most extraordinary of circumstances.

Flashpoint deeply engages your heart and mind and captivates you from the first page to the last with page-turning entertainment that will expand the very concepts of reality.

Plant the seed in your mind that with the limitless power of LOVE, WE ALL CAN DO THESE THINGS AND MORE.

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