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Meditate yourself into total detached bliss and have a hard time returning to what we call “life” ?

Yea, me too.


But this is also the amazing Zero Point when we are in perfect Neutrality and have finally let go of all we were focused on creating. Let go so much that floating in free space it doesn’t matter if any of what you were hoping for EVER shows up in your physical experience …


Don’t be discouraged, -of course you’re not because you are floating in bliss :-D- but if there is a tiny part of your mind with a minuscule voice that says


“yea this is great but … what about that dream life I wanted? Is it just going to pop into existence while I am floating here doing NOTHING?”


Well, Yes, it is 🙂


Maybe not quite that fast -yet- but that Neutral Zero Point is EXACTLY the sweetspot you want to feel into. The feeling where you have already had desire asking for a particular experience, and, if you have totally released your resistance, you have now slipped out of the feeling of wanting into total Neutral peace.


It is from THIS place of Feeling that what you focused on or asked for can NOW start presenting itself to you in completely Miraculous and Wonderful ways. 🙂 While you are floating down the street, or watching the leaves on the tree sway peacefully … this is when the Flowing Universe is Effortlessly drifting you down the river to *your [*heart not ego] desires in form.


Now that you are finally detached from a particular outcome, let the joyous ride take you!


Let Go!




Watch the amazing line up of serendipity unfold your dreams before you!


…I wonder how we will be amazed and impressed at how the world lined up so much better than we could have imagined??? 😀


Infinite Love and Gratitude!