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In a wonderful creative writing class I took with Tama Kieves, the first writing prompt she encouraged us with was “The most magical person I ever knew” and to my surprise my instant reply was:

“This is the fearless, joyous, bold and adventurous me! I knew I was magical and I bent the world around my desires and inspirations! I boldly climbed, played explored and climbed through fences to get to beckoning magical lands! I courageously -without much hesitation- followed my inspired delights to jump into the lake with all my clothes on! To shave part of my head, to boldly walk through the parks at night. To move to another state because the “light switch” had gone off and it was time to go!

I wrote books because I wanted to starting with children’s books and then a totally unexpected novel that was a delight to write! I fearlessly spoke my mind and read peoples thoughts. I knew big, big things were possible for me and I boldly went after them or effortlessly allowed them to unfold in my life. I felt the full confidence of my worthiness flood my body and my posture making me strong and actively embodying my whole Self to do just as I was called to do!

I was in this world but not really of it, knowing if I had an idea, it was possible and nothing could stop me from doing it. I had full use of my creative power and I saw magic in everything. I knew that one day I would absolutely fly!

Sometimes people fully saw me in my magic and they were in awe -inspired to their own boldness, or they wanted to be nearer to me just to get a piece of it like it might rub off on them. Others were threatened by it and wanted to attack me for threatening their small limited illusions. I had nothing to loose.”


In my analytical hindsight, of course this is a one-sided glorification of my youth up to my early 30’s and I have omitted all the pain, struggles, self doubts and failures/work-in-progress/lessons along the way, but I really do remember feeling so bold and fearless … wondering what the fairy bells happened to the magical me?? Still here … just between career/stepping stone creations at the moment and building momentum on a new one- or at least the next phase of building to “The Big One”  🙂

Tama Kieves: Career Transition Expert & Author

Infinite Love and Gratitude! JSM