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This video is an excellent description of what I do with guiding a meditation or individual coaching to create a cellular “feeling experience” to change the established patterns of limiting beliefs:) The center of the brain or center of “Being-ness” is where I guide to draw and magnetize focus to, to reset the mind regularly from being scattered in negative thinking or events, past present or future, to being in a centered focused state … and ultimately practicing peaceful loving being-ness 😉 Anyone who has meditated with or been coached by me knows that I use very conscious visualizations of reworking the synapses in the brain as well as the cellular Muscle memory and DNA of our subconscious patterning 🙂 My character Avlyn, in my book Flashpoint uses this deep”being-ness” to train her body/mind and access expanded levels of consciousness and information whenever she needs it. This synergy of science with the use of the mind and consciousness of compassion, forgiveness and love … opens wide the door … to limitless possibilities.

Three Brains – Thinking to Doing to Being (Joe Dispenza)