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In a recent English writing and college composition course, for my research paper I chose my passionate area of interest -the power of mind! Researching and writing this essay was a challenge with trying to fit all this amazing info into and 8 page essay in the format and requirements of the corse -which are completely opposite to the flow and joy of writing this kind of information interwoven into a Novel! With that said, researching and writing this essay in the academic format required made the information THAT MUCH MORE PROFOUND because of the kinds of Academically reputable sources required. This information has grounded and exponentially magnified my imagination with MORE POSSIBILITIES OF WHAT WE ARE CAPABLE OF!


I have received countless questions for my sources of information for my novel Flashpoint but I have not yet created a reference page, but this essay is an excellent clue to the kind of information I will be  expanding and playing with in my next novels for sure!!


If this style of writing is hard reading -Imagine trying to write it! Read my book Flashpoint  for story based information 🙂 (link for the first 3 chapters listed above this post 😉 ) Enjoy and please refer to the Works Cited at the end of the post to read far more details on this amazing subject of the power and truth that EVERYTHING IS IN OUR MIND!!



From quantum physics to metaphysics there is consistent research and themes that conclude our entire universe is connected and our thoughts literally create our world. From a photon particle/wave experiment the to latest discoveries in quantum physics, show that everything in our universe is connected by what some researchers call The Field or as physicist Max Plank called “the Matrix”. Neuroscientists, Biologists and Astronauts have had profound experiences and breakthrough research that validates and supports what spiritual masters have been telling us for centuries; that God/source of all that is, is within us, everything is connected, and as we believe, pray or focus our thoughts and emotions, so shall we reap and experience what we sow. Everything we experience from our personal stories to the perceptual laws of our Universe are all illusory projections from our mind and the thoughts and beliefs we have perpetuated through generations create the world as we know it.


The focus of our awareness becomes the reality of our world. A mind boggling  experiment originally conducted in 1909 by Geoffrey Ingram Taylor, a British physicist, has been re-created numerous times with the same extraordinary results demonstrating the power of focus on matter. According to G.Taylor, the “double-slit” experiment; “A quantum particle (a photon) was fired at a target that could detect how it arrived -either as a particle of matter or as a wave of energy. Before reaching the target however, it had to pass through the opening in a barrier [with one or two slits to pass through]. The mystery was that the photon some how “knew” when the barrier had one hole and when it had two”(Divine 133). When there was one hole, the particle began and ended as a particle. When there were two holes, what began as a particle changed into a wave and passed through both openings. Gregg Braden summarized, “The outcome: It was determined that since the scientists performing the experiment were the only ones who knew about the openings in the barrier, their knowledge somehow influenced how the photon behaved. Photons acted the way they were expected to depending upon how they were observed -that is, they were particles when measured as particles and waves when measured as waves” (Divine 133). This basic experiment has given consistent and repeatable evidence that our consciousness changes physical matter.


It may be hard to believe that we are intimately connected and literally effecting the world around us with our thoughts and feelings. This is because of the long held “Newtonian” belief that everything in our universe is separate and independent of one another and works only from a standard set of physical laws defining distinct separate objects and organisms. Gregg Braden summarized Albert Einstein’s autobiographical notes of his belief that we are essentially passive observers living in a universe already in place, one in which we seem to have little influence (Divine. x -intro). Presented in this essay are just a small percentage of world renowned scientists, biologists, physicists, and researchers that have been compiling undeniable mountains of research. Evidence that not only is the entire universe connected and “entangled” by our thoughts and emotions from a quantum physic, atomic and biological perspective, but that at the absolute core of all matter that we perceive, nothing is really there at all. Biologist Bruce Lipton Ph.D. says of the physical world we believe in, “we stuck to the physical world of Newton and ignored the invisible quantum world of Einstein, in which matter is actually made up of energy and there are no absolutes. At the Atomic level, matter does not even exist with certainty; it only exists as a tendency to exist. All my certitudes about biology and physics were shattered!”(Biology 68). With these former beliefs in “solid matter” and a separate universe now understood as intimately connected and influenced, the source of all we perceive is now the question to be scrutinized.


There is no matter in the mind. Max Planck who was considered the “father” of quantum physics, gave a speech in 1944 that changed every foundation of what we believe this world to be. He states,


As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much: There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this minute solar system of the atom together. . . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter(Divine 216).


So according to Planck, there is a conscious creator of all we perceive but the question remains, who is the creator? We are.


Reality as we know it may not be so “real” after all. In the Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden breaks down a summary of the long road to a Unified theory:

1687- Newtonian Physics; Isaac Newton publishes his laws of motion, and modern science begins. This view sees the universe as a massive mechanical system where space and time are absolute.

1867- Field-Theory Physics: James Clerk Maxwell proposes the existence of forces that cannot be explained by Newton’s physics. His research, along with that of Michael Faraday, leads to the discovery of the universe as fields of energy that interact with each other.

1900- Quantum physics: Max Plank publishes his theory of the world as bursts of energy called “quanta.” Experiments on the quantum level show that matter exists as probabilities and tendencies rather than absolute things, suggesting the “reality” may not be so real or solid after all.

1905- Relativity Physics: Albert Einstein’s view of the universe upsets Newtonian physics. He proposes that time is relative rather than absolute. A key aspect of relativity is that time and space cannot be separated and exist together as a fourth dimension.

1970- String-Theory Physics: Physicists discover that theories describing the universe as tiny vibrating strings of energy can be used to explain the observations of both the quantum and everyday worlds. The theory is formally accepted by the mainstream physics community in 1984 as a possible bridge to unite all other theories.

20??- The New and Improved Unified Theory of Physics: Someday in the future, physicists will discover a way to explain the holographic nature of what we observe in the quantum universe, as well as what we see in our everyday world. They will formulate the equations to unify their explanation into one consistent theory. (Divine 24)


If scientific research is consistently proving that everything is energetically connected by the field/matrix and physical matter is not really “physical” at all and only has a “tendency to exist” based on conscious awareness, we must refocus our attention on how our consciousness is directly effecting our universe.


It’s not just our thoughts that effect the matter we perceive but more accurately, it’s the feelings we have that have the strongest effect on the world we perceive. In the documentary I Am, a scientist at the Institute for HeartMath uses Director Tom Shadyac to demonstrate the effect of his emotion on yogurt in a petri dish connected with electrodes to a voltage meter. The yogurt was perceived to be “separate matter” from Tom, but he was quite surprised to see the meter quickly spike beyond 1.0 mvolts when he had the stressful emotional charge just from random moments of thinking of his agent, his lawyer and a gruesome picture of a severed hand (I am. scene/ch 8). When Tom asked the scientist how he was connected to the yogurt, the scientist replied, “We don’t know how, but human emotionality generates a very real energetic field that radiates out from us”. The Institute of HeartMath was formed for the specific purpose of exploring the power that human feelings have over the body, and the role that those emotions may play in our world ( So if physical matter we perceive is effected by emotion by measurable voltage, we must explore further to find the connection with the mind.


Even more profound research at the Institute of HeartMath demonstrates that the heart-mind connection changes the shape of DNA. Principle researchers, Glen Rein and Rollin McCraty explain that powerful feeling of coherent emotion as “using specially designed mental and emotional self-management techniques which involve intentionally quieting the mind, shifting one’s awareness to the heart area and focusing on positive emotions” (Rein). Effects on DNA were produced by a combination of “directed intention, unconditional love and specific imagery of the DNA molecule” causing the strands to either wind or unwind depending on the intention held (Divine 52). So basically, when the emotion or intention focused on is stressful, tense or negative, the DNA strand winds or contracts and when the emotional focus is loving and, peaceful the DNA unwinds or expands.


Beliefs held in the conscious and subconscious mind and the resulting emotions not only effect our DNA, but our lives as a whole. In his book, The Biology of Belief; Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles, Biologist Bruce Lipton Ph. D. gives a detailed account of a collection of the most compelling research and experiments that lead to the profound and undeniable reality that our beliefs are literally shaping our cells, our health, our experiences and our lives. He explains in detail, all his former beliefs that were perpetuating the idea that we all are hopelessly subject to not only the genetic hand we were dealt, but also the long standing beliefs, of how our world works, our “fated” genetic determinism, and the belief that we have little control [Italics are based on source’s use of italics]. We are given renewed hope when he states “I was exhilarated by the new realization that I could change the character of my life by changing my beliefs. I was instantly energized because I realized that there was a science-based path that would take me from my job as a perennial “victim” to my new position as “co-creator” of my destiny”(Biology. prologue xv). So we have just touched many examples of how our mind effects matter on a micro (very small) level, so now lets explore how our mind and emotional consciousness effects our world on a macro (larger) level of perception.


Our physical brain is not the defining limit of the mind, but just a filter for our true larger limitless consciousness. In an interview with Oprah and in her book My Stroke of Insight, Neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor Ph. D. describes a very in-depth and personal experience while having a stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain. During the hemorrhaging in her left brain she observed herself lose the abilities to talk, read, write, and eventually control her body; but, free from the separating, labeling and organizing part of the mind, she experienced what she affectionately called “la-la-land”(Interview/My Stroke). She explains “[in the right mind /present moment] we are energy beings connected through the consciousness of our right hemispheres as one human family”(TED talks). Released from the limiting categorizations, organizations and details of the left brains focus of linear past and future, she experienced a “silent mind” and felt herself as enormous and expansive as “One with all the energy that was and it was beautiful there”(TED talks). As she eventually lost complete control of her body, J. Taylor fully surrendered to the stroke and described the “euphoria” and “nirvana” she intimately experienced as expansive formlessness and knowing that she was “literally” One with everything (Interview/My Stroke).With her experience she knew that we can all “purposely choose” to move our focus to the right mind and experience this expansive, limitless euphoria and the peace of oneness at anytime.


Our limitless or limited consciousness is a choice that we make at every moment. J. Taylor explained the moment while experiencing her stroke when she completely surrendered her body and life in form. She conceived of a world full of people that could live in this peace while still in the form of the human body if they could understand what she now understood so clearly (Interview/My Stroke). She made the choice from the experience nirvana of expansive oneness, to return to her body and mind of structure, essentially becoming an infant again, to recover over 8 years to regain the use of her body, language and articulation to bring this message back to humanity.  J. Taylor concludes her TED talk with the question and answer; “Who are we? We are the life force power of the Universe with manual dexterity and two cognitive minds whom we choose. . . . The right hemisphere in which we are/I am the life force power of the Universe . . . at One with all that is. . .  or choose the left hemisphere where we become a single individual, as solid and separate from the flow. . . separate from you [separate “I-dentity”]. . . Which would you choose? Which will you choose?”(TED talks).  As the author of this essay, I can say that through meditation and focus I have consciously chosen to experience the “Nirvana of Oneness” by pulling my awareness from my categorizing mind to my heart/quiet stillness. I have experienced both the bliss and struggle J. Taylor describes in knowing formless nirvana and struggling to get back into functioning physical form and articulating language. But here lies the gift for us all to learn that the freedom and peace of nirvana are only a thought, or thoughtlessness, away.


Everything in our perceived universe is now only a thought away. In his book, Entangled Minds, Dean Radin, best selling author, widely acclaimed scientist and senior Scientist at the Institute for Noetic Sciences, compiles thousands of controlled laboratory tests and debunks skeptical myths about psi (coined as a neutral term for psychic phenomena). In his preface Dean explains, “No longer are psi experiences regarded as rare human talents, divine gifts, or “powers” that magically transcend ordinary physical boundaries. Instead, psi becomes an unavoidable consequence of living in an interconnected, entangled physical reality”(3). He further states when psi experience is viewed from the perspective of quantum theory we find the surprise that certain psychic phenomena previously thought to be impossible, such as telepathy, clairvoyance and mind-matter interactions like psychokinesis, might in fact exist (Entangled 6). And Dean is by no means the only Scientist extensively researching the potentials of our Universally connected mind. In the prestigious scientific Journal Nature, the scientists announced the first documented experiments of open-destination teleportation -that is, sending the quantum information about a particle (it’s energetic blueprint) to different locations at the same time”(Zhi/Nature). And “equally impossible sounding feats, such as “beaming” particles from one place to another and bi-locating. These findings lead us to the realization that our imaginative mind is the doorway to limitlessness. If the mind can conceive it, we can achieve it.


Our “Entangled Minds” are in connection at all times and with conscious focus and awareness and we can connect with any part of our perceived “separate” minds or locations at any time. Russell Targ is a physicist, cofounder of the Stanford Research Institute and author of at least 5 books detailing decades of extensive research of psychic abilities and Remote Viewing. Russell’s book, Limitless Mind illustrates this perceptual ability by presenting decades of experiments in remote viewing, or remote (out-of-physical-sight or present time) perception of locations or events. The introduction of Limitless Mind continues “Such abilities have been demonstrated and documented in numerous U.S. and international laboratories, including the laboratory of Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in CA, where a program on investigation began [over] thirty years ago. However, despite repeated corroboration of our natural capacity for such psychic abilities, mainstream science has not accepted these abilities as real”(xxiii). Each and every one of us has had “paranormal” experiences and precognition and with attention and conscious training and focus, such as the training Targ offers, we can use this limitless connection in limitless ways. Our only limitations are our beliefs and our imagination.


From the literal expansive vantage point of “outer space” the connected consciousness and influence of all, has been directly experienced. In her ground breaking book The Field, journalist and investigative reporter Lynne McTaggert became a changed messenger with a radically different view of the world. To start off this intensive life and world-altering scientific journey, Lynne explains Astronaut and Ph.D., Ed Mitchell’s experience on the Apollo 14 mission as the shuttle made it’s two-day journey back to Earth;


It was then, while staring out of the window, that Ed experienced the strangest feeling he would ever have: a feeling of connectedness, as if all planets and all the people of all time were attached by some invisible web. He could hardly breathe from the majesty of the moment. . . . There seemed to be an enormous force field here, connecting all people, their intentions and thoughts, and every animate and inanimate form of matter for all time. Anything he did or thought would influence the rest of the cosmos, and every occurrence in the cosmos would have a similar effect on him. Time was just an artificial construct. Everything he’d been taught about the universe and the separateness of people and things felt wrong. There were no accidents or individual intentions. . . . This wasn’t something he was simply comprehending in his mind, but an overwhelming visceral feeling, as though he were physically extending out of the window to the very furthest reaches of the cosmos.(Field 6).


Ed’s lightning-bolt experience while in space had left hair line cracks in a great number of his belief systems [Italics by author of this essay]. After his return to Earth, Ed dedicated his life to researching explanations for his experience and founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences. This pattern is becoming very clear.


We are the creators of our own experience and with our Limitless Mind we are telling ourselves the greatest story every told. In The Field, Lynne McTaggert says “Joan Didion once observed that we tell ourselves stories in order to survive. Of all our stories, it is the scientific ones that most define us. Those stories create our perception of the universe and how it operates, and from this we shape all our societal structures”(XIX). In the Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden explains neuroscientist Karl Pribram’s repeating pattern metaphor of the brain [our cells, our body, our world and our universe] as holograms within holograms; meaning as patterns occur on a micro (very small) level, they are repeated on macro (large -very large) scales (113). Gregg further summarizes “In a hologram, every part of “something” reflects every other part, and change is mirrored throughout the whole” (Divine 111). Princeton physicist David Bohm’s theory is that we ourselves are participating in creation; “in other words, he believed that there are deeper or higher planes of creation that hold the template for what happens in our world. It’s from these subtler levels of reality [of emotion and mind focus] that our physical world originates”(Divine xii) [brackets by author]. In his book, The Holographic Universe, researcher Michael Talbot combine Pribram and Bohm’s theories to “provide a profound new way of looking at the world: Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately projections from another dimension  [subconscious mind], a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time: the brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe “(54) [italics by Talbot, brackets by author]. Through the rest of his book, Talbot uses this theory of a universal holograph created in our mind to explain a long list of psi, near-death and paranormal experiences that can be easily understood and explained as creations in the mind of the dreamer, us.


Beyond the perceived limits and separateness of the physical body we can begin to understand the Heavenly Nirvana in our “whole/universally expanded mind” of what we might call God or Source. In the final chapter of The Holographic Universe, titled “Return to the Dreamtime” Michael quotes subjects interviewed for their near-death and beyond the body experiences [similar, but in more detail that Jill Bolte-Talor’s experience] “There are many higher planes, and to get back to God, to reach the plane where His spirit resides, you have to drop your garment [physical body/limiting beliefs of form and separation] each time until your spirit is truly free, . . . The learning process never stops. . . . Sometimes we are allowed glimpses of the higher planes -each one is lighter and brighter than the one before”(301). The only thing keeping us from our experience of limitless bliss is the idea of separateness from all we perceive in our world.


Spiritual texts such as A Course In Miracles (ACIM) and Buddhism teach that we are the dreamers of this Illusion we are experiencing, projecting out what we are thinking and feeling on a deep subconscious level within. Christian texts say “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven [within] [the quiet mind/ beyond the body] and all else will be given unto you” means simply that as we seek the deep inner quiet/nirvana within our own heart/mind consciousness we find the source of all creation that we are creating. ACIM refers to this “Newtonian” belief that we, and everything in our world, are all separate entities as “specialness”; “Specialness is the function that you gave yourself. It stands for you alone, as self-created, self-maintained, in need of nothing, and unjoined with anything beyond the body. In it’s eyes you are a separate universe, with all the power to hold itself complete within itself,” (text ch 24. VI; 11) This separate/specialness is the idea that we are quite singular, separate and alone from everything else in our universe, but in ultimate truth, spiritual texts such as ACIM, Buddism and even at it’s core, Christianity, all lead to the message that everything is of One source and what we perceive is projected out/created, from our judgements/beliefs from within our separated/left brain-mind.


We are all One mind and all that is, and ever will be. ACIM text thus explains our connection with all we perceive, “In the ego’s [left brain/analytical mind] language “to have” and “to be” are different, but they are identical to the Holy [whole-y/whole mind] Spirit [right mind/Intuition/voice for the expansive nirvana]. The Holy Spirit [Whole/right mind consciousness translating to the left mind] knows that you both have everything and are everything. . . . That is why we make no distinction between having the kingdom of God and being the kingdom of God” (ACIM T-4.III.9.4,5&7)[italics by source, brackets by author]. As we focus on the Divine limitlessness within our universal [whole/right and left] mind, we will witness and experience our limitless truth in our perceived world. We are the Dreamer and the “darkness/judgements” we perceive in our dream represents the fears, choices, thoughts and nightmares we play out in our subconscious minds. Once we become conscious, of the part of our mind, heart or oneness we are thinking with or focusing on, then we become the conscious creators of our dream.


In conclusion, the research and sources cited in this essay represent only a tiny fraction of the research, experiences and metaphysical foundations repeated endlessly around this holographically mental experience of our world. Like J. Taylor’s long 8 year healing journey from limitless expansive Nirvana back into a “functioning” human body, it felt almost impossible to fit this huge, expansive concept into this relatively short essay “body”. The books, movies and interviews cited here should only be considered a starting point, but each is loaded with left-brain scientifically credible and repeated research as well as profoundly awakening right-brain revelations. The evidence presented here should undoubtedly open the door to the revelation that not only are we effecting our cells, bodies, each other and our world with our thoughts and emotions, but we are literally creating an perpetuating false beliefs that we are separate, singular and very limited insignificant beings. We must take 100% responsibility for our experiences and powerfully creative effect of our thoughts and emotions in our own and collective consciousness and experiences. In truth, we are literally and undeniably connected and our negative, hurtful and limiting or positive, loving and limitless thoughts and feelings do create our experience and our world because; Everything we experience from our personal stories to the perceptual laws of our Universe are all illusory projections from our mind and the thoughts and beliefs we have perpetuated through generations create the world as we know it.



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