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Hello Divine Family! This post is the first of a series of 8 statements from The way Of Mastery Lesson 21. The guidance is to write whatever comes up as we sit with and contemplate these statements. I invite you to read my thoughts on the statements and post your own in comments below 🙂

What comes up with these statements of truth?

It is not possible for you to be without Love


This statement feels true for the most part for me…  Until I think about certain situations in my past when what I was experiencing felt like anything BUT love… Those memories bring up distant feelings of being completely UN-loved, unwelcome and unwanted, even despised. Completely unsupported, alone and unworthy.  Then of course there are the times when I placed all my love into someone else and felt dry and needy when they didn’t return the love as much as I wanted.


Then I think and feel into the times when I loved myself and loved what I was doing and being in my life and all the world seemed to glow in love with me. I gradually learned to sink deep into my quiet heart and feel into the calm steady essence of love within me, feeling held, calm and peaceful. As I practiced this more and more I noticed with diligence I could transform my needing reaching energy by pulling my energy back from “out there”, letting go of the painful thoughts and focusing inward on the calm steady peace that always resides within.


Admittedly there have been plenty of situations I have experienced where I struggled to refocus and sometimes took quite a while to reign in my thoughts of abandonment, anger and resentment…. but truly, I had only abandoned myself.


Time and time again I have recognized, if not quickly then eventually, that as I let go of the fear, anger, resentment etc., as I returned my focus inward to the calm stillness… there it was. There it is. There is always is. Calm steady peaceful love. As I ground and release the tension in my body. As I release the thoughts and arguments of attack or betrayal … there it is. Calm steady peaceful Love.


I practice this for myself and others as best I can…. I suppose I think it is only there if I give it and if I am not giving it I simply do not have it at all …


But looking back inward to the calm… it must always be there. It has always been there. It is always there. I need only focus on it.


What thoughts, triggers or inspirations arise for you with this statement ! please share in comments below :).

Infinite Love and Gratitude!