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Childrens picture books;

My spiritual beliefs, my reverence of childhood exuberance with life, their open love and passion for adventure, combined with my desire to help preserve these gifts, inspired me to write the Mariah the Magnificent series. Too often children are oppressed and we become adults with fears of rejection, self doubt, and anger for not being accepted. My wish is to encourage self love and to rejoice in differences within ourselves and everyone else through real issues with an imaginative and adventurous twist!  Mariah is a spirited and imaginative character I am very much in love with and I hope you will fall in love too! All books end with the line; Mariah is magnificent and SO ARE YOU!

(Magnificent : splendid; of surpassing beauty, quality, generosity.)

Mariah The Magnificent!

Mariah The Magnificent at Halloween

Mariah The Magnificent and The Tails of The Century!

Mariah the Magnificent’s Guide to finding Magical creatures

(in progress)

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