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Hello Divine Friends 🙂

May my honest words lighten your load and inspire your truth to be revealed 🙂

In all my clearing and healing, money was really only a side note of my real Divine Intention, Knowing my Limitless Self and Worth. In my 36 years in this body, I have manifested many rather expensive things and experiences without having much money directly myself nor without any manipulation or false pretenses. I did the most I could with the money I did have and managed to barter or offer services to cover what I could not cover in cash. In other cases, someone completely unexpected (non family) either gave me the $ for what I needed or surprisingly gifted me the exact item. I seem to be running off partial ancient energy of bartering and partial energy of non-expectant presence leaving me open for receiving miracles 😉
I did not steal or connive and rarely did I even consciously ask anyone for these things. I suppose you could say they were born purely by the desire of my hearts calling.:) By now I am sure you have heard of many such “miracles” in peoples lives. 🙂 I went about my life and pursuits, had conversations, made friends and amazing connections … and many unexpected Miracles supported the greatest unfolding of my life. Although the things I needed came through the exchange of money whether by my hand or not, I still knew the things I desired or needed would come one way or another.
… at some point I began to realize that although I was somehow manifesting almost everything I desired without having the money myself, It was time for me to go deeper … my visions of my future path were getting larger and larger. I wanted to leap to a fuller more magnificent and authentic version of myself and I knew I had to learn to manifest from a whole other level…

While Miracles have been shining on me as I have faced “impossible odds”, I am not yet manifesting directly out of thin Universal essence just yet. 🙂 Although I do love my Free couch and entertainment center I found on 😉

I acknowledged I had a strange relationship to money …
Indirectly, it provided me everything I needed…
Directly, it felt like a source of angst and agitation. When I have it … it meant I was expected to use it for unpleasant things such as bills, taxes and obligatory gifts, and I have diligently been changing my thinking about these things 😉 … Yes, it provided joys for me and my family with travel, trips and some treats too, 🙂 but in my hands … I felt stressed and overwhelmed as to how it should be properly and wisely distributed. LIsten to my father and only save and pay for essentials -scrimp on everything-… listen to my mother and buy every lavish beautiful thing you want but have nothing left over for the bills…-or marry someone who can pay the bills but feel owned… what am I to do??? lol … I have been walking a fine middle line, but still strive to hold my power in joyous overflowing balance.

Not having much of it meant people would understand if I gave them heart felt gifts I had hand made, instead of a store bought something that flashed and blinked until discarded. I delight in giving my time, my heart, my creativity, my vision, my insight . . . but to over work to earn more $$ to buy things that had far less meaning to me, and truly little meaning to the receiver as well, was not my joy.

I felt resentful at the consumption of materialism. Yes, many amazing things have been created, but a great deal more are only flashy distractions and very poor substitutions for the greatest Divine (and limitless) Truth of all. Somehow, I remember a time when I did not have to strive for anything. Anything at all. Our inherent Worth, Love and connection with all gave us limitless access and experience to all the Bliss the Universe has to offer! And it is still so now …

… But …

Since what I resist persists until I love it past all the mistakes I made, I must love Money that has been a gift and a tool that has just been misunderstood. Here is my Love letter to Money, as money, as is everything else in this dream world, is only an idea. An idea that we must acknowledge as our own so it can return to it’s simple truth and we can return as the Masters of our own dream.

Dear Money,
I am sorry I have been so resistant to you. All you wanted to do was love me, support me and make me happy. . . and I pushed you away leaving the door barely cracked open to let just the barest bit of your light to come through.
You wanted to shine on me and show me all that is possible in this world if I just saw your Brilliant True Essence. . .
But I was afraid . . . and angry.
Because of you, I thought could not be free. Because of you I thought I could not have what I wanted, or go where I wanted to go. I thought because of not having you, I was limited. BUt I knw this is not so.
I saw so many in my life careless when they had you and terrified when they didn’t. Fearfully clutching to what little of you they had. So many I’d seen torn and ravaged by greedy obsession over you. Blindly worshipping you as a fickle, vengeful torturer. . . Loving some and forsaking so many more.
Others twisted by a false power not yours and forever seeking you to fill their hearts in a way you never could. Nor ever will.
How we have chased such idols in so many ways. . . loving, then hating them. . . for now they have power over us. The power we gave to supplant our own truth.
But not any more. I see clearly now. . . You are just another tool that has a blessed gift for a time. A Religion or Philosophy all your own to be understood for your gifts and forgiven for the judgements that my fear and mis understanding placed on you.
Dear Money. . . I apologize for how I have punished you -and myself as a result. I choose now to set us both free to Love and Embrace each other fully. To allow for our love to be free flowing and radiating out into the world to bless with purity and highest love and support for all in harmonious balance.
I Extend and circulate our love to bless our world in ways that are optimally supportive for conscious evolution and awakening in peace and harmony for all.
Dear Money, I am so in love with you and I am so very grateful for your radiant and abundant blessings in all our lives! You are God in action you are blessed to be. A form of Divine energy in exchange. You shine so beautifully!
Infinite Love and Gratitude!
Your creator, Jamie

Ps For the Holidays, Remember that the gift of your Genuine Love and Offering is far greater than anything this world has to offer, yet this is a both/And world! We can have ANYTHING and support the world in giving and receiving so long as we ALWAYS remember -THE DIVINE LOVE IN OUR HEARTS IS THE ONLY SOURCE!!!