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“The strength in you will offer you the light, and guide your seeing so you do not dwell on idle shadows that the body’s eyes provide for self-deception. Strength and light unite in you, and where they meet, your Self stands ready to embrace you as It’s Own.” -A Course in Miracles

People have asked me how I managed to write -and actually complete- a novel that makes coherent sense while my two children were between the ages of 1 and 3 (the younger still nursing!)… The answer is: I’m not entirely sure! Of course I could say it was sheer determination that drove me to the finish line…

But honestly, when I look to the root of it, I felt like there was something deep inside me calling loudly and excitedly to get out. I just couldn’t ignore it. I believe that is the truth of what I REALLY am. That deep down vibrant voice and energy that drives me to do and be something much bigger than my eyes perceive in the mirror. Much bigger and grander than my brain can even fathom.

Recently I watched the movie Sphere. I had seen it many years ago but seeing it this time, after so much I’ve learned, it had a much more intense effect on me. I still jumped when Dustan Hoffman was attacked by a spiky toothed sea snake and cringed when (then little known) Queen Latifa was killed by ravenous jellyfish, but the final message was very clear to me this time: We have this incredible power to manifest ANYTHING we can imagine… why, for goodness sakes, do we imagine the worst, weakest, most horrible things?

There is something amazingly powerful within us all calling to us at every moment. Calling us to be the Glorious truth of what we are. Calling us to create and share the most magnificent realities we can imagine. A reality that even the best parts of Avetar would pale in comparison.

I don’t know about you… but I am doing my absolute best to listen to nothing else!!!

If we can listen only to our Higher selves, the Radiant truth of what we are that says “You are an amazing light!!” – Can you imagine what we can create?

…my mind can’t fully wrap around it yet but I know it’s GOOOOOOD! And I am SO excited to get there! “… just keep swimming, just keep swimming, Just keep… “ -Finding Nemo 🙂

As some of you may already know, I have entered Flashpoint into the Next Top Spiritual Author contest and I need YOUR vote to make it to the next round! Many of you have already read my first chapter and called for MORE MORE MORE! This may be the opportunity I have been hoping for! Please vote for me and Flashpoint @ Tell your friends!! Thank you!

Also, I will be interviewed as a contestant for The Next Top Spiritual Author on Tambra Harcks Joy of Love and life Radio show on April 13th @ 9 am PST. This will be my FIRST EVER radio interview so I am pretty excited !! 🙂 Hopefully all my theater experience will pay off :). Listen live @ or look for it on itunes soon after! 🙂

As we are all TRULY ONE I believe in extending help as often as I can since really, I am only helping myself reach greater heights of WHO I AM!! Here are a few more amazing authors in the contest who also followed that inner calling be more and share it with the world!! Some of these authors are friends I was involved with in David and Kristin Morelli’s 40 days and 40 nights program or the Prosperity Tribe, and some are their friends and I trust their judgement! You can vote for multiple authors so if you are inspired, vote to your hearts content!!

Cathy Matarazzo- Cathy is a singer, songwriter, minister of spiritual peacemaking. On her video she shares some of her music along with her message. Her book is called Freedom Wake … where it all begins. To view Cathy’s video

Scott Brandon Hoffman- Scott is a comedian who lives in Los Angeles. His book is called-Living in a Human Suit. Check out his video and book subtitle on-line

Susan LeClair- Susan is the founder of Divine Parenting. She has a huge heart and is always reaching out to communities of people to support the opening and connection to the heart. She is pure light and love. Her book is called. Life with Steve: Ascension Through Relationship Check out the audio description of her book here.

Tambra Harck- Tambra has a radio show called Joy of Love and Life. She had the inspired thought to invite Next Top Author contestants to her show over the next month. The fan page for her show is Her book is called Sacred Truths. To listen to her audio

Andrea Haylen- Enjoy the wisdom, love, and laughter of the authors and Vote!
My book is Open to Inspiration: The summer a woman discovered herself with a teenage daughter and the Jonas Brothers on a 10,000 mile road trip.

More authors to come…

Below is another short excerpt of Flashpoint Enjoy!

Thank you all so much!
With Love

P.S. A new feature I have added to this site is a donation button under the subscribe bar. If you like what I have to share and feel I have contributed to your life in a meaningful way, any contribution be greatly appreciated! 🙂 I do my best to live my life in a “pay it forward” sort of way and $2-3 of my e-book sales will go to charity. (Still narrowing down my choices 🙂 ) Keep an eye out for an early release offer!

“With a gentle ‘click’ the door closed behind him and her eyes suddenly opened, locking with his, burning into his soul. He was terrified to find he could not move a muscle, each limb feeling locked in place and weighing a ton. He felt a trickle of sweat move down his forehead between his eyes.
Avlyn was now fully aware of where she was and how she got there as she held the guard locked in her gaze. Not only was she aware, awake and alert, she now felt more strength and power than she’d ever felt in her life. Every cell in her being was buzzing with an energy she had never felt at this incredible frequency. She thought that if she were to look at herself the brilliant light pulsing from her core would be blinding.
She noticed the trickle of sweat on the guards brow and knew at once what he had been planning. She sat up on the edge of the table and tsked at the man as she stood before him.
“Did you really think you could handle me?” she said with a sarcastic smile as she focused on him intently for just a moment before he collapsed to the ground.
The thugs around the locked chamber all looked in amazement and were dumbfounded as they watched the sweat from the head guard lift off his limp body and congeal into a glistening ball in front of the now very conscious standing woman. She had been a limp quivering body for days! How could this have happened? They all looked around at each other with fear in their eyes for they somehow knew there was no escape for them.
Avlyn felt their fear weakening them as she looked around the larger chamber. “Hello boys.” she looked around the room, “You’ve all been very, very naughty.” she said with a seductive grin.
Some of the thugs were dumb enough to chuckle and nudge their buddy at this. Avlyn’s face went stone cold “So I think I’m really going to enjoy this” she said then closed her eyes and thought of the wonderful loving embrace of the incredible man who saved her. The man she didn’t know but she would give the rest of her life to. With this new strength pulsing though her she felt there was nothing she could not do.
“This is going to be easy” she thought,…”