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A reality based sci-fi, metaphysical, action suspense, love story, based on current day research on the power of intention and quantum physics. Heart clenching, mind bending, page turning entertainment to expand concepts of what reality can be. Using cutting edge science and taking it just another step or two, I excite and implant grander possibilities of intention through action, suspense, metaphysics and a unique love that bridges space and time. A passion that makes you know in your core, that though someone you love is miles away, they can still FEEL YOU. Through mind expanding concepts, I ask and explore the question: What are we REALLY capable of?
The first draft of Flashpoint is finished and I am in the final clean-up re-writing stage. The first chapter is currently available to read on this site. (see top menu bar -let me know what you think:)) This web site is geared around creating a “buzz” about Flashpoint in my hopes of getting published with great success! I am currently seeking representation and publication for this book (know any legitimate agent’s or publishers who want to sign a soon-to-be best seller and block buster movie?? ;))

Flashpoint 2 (unofficial title):

Avlyn must travel across the globe on a dangerous mission but can the love of her life cope? Her life, and countless others, depend on keeping her head together but the sudden distance of her lover leaves her distracted with very unusual results.

While struggling to keep her mind on her challenge, Avlyn discovers someone with more advanced skill than her own. Jerick, a wizened nomad passing through Greece, seems to know Avlyn well. Though she has no recollection of him, she has a deep sense of familiarity in a very personal way. Jerick becomes Avlyn’s teacher and she learns she can do much more than she ever imagined. Jerick is the first man to truly know and understand her unique struggles in life and there is a very comforting yet powerful connection. But deep down she is struggling between healing and moving on -or holding her broken heart open for the one who loves her like no other, but may never be able to accept her fully.

*This book will build more upon Avlyn’s skills based on current day metaphysical scientific research, quantum physics and the down right awesome paranormal! More action, suspense and heart aching, soul soaring love will challenge your boundaries of reality.