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*I wrote this letter after an opening weekend Enwaken training in Boulder CO for the intuitive coaching course I am currently in. The teacher, David Morelli, also happens to be a Bishop. In balance, it’s quite a powerful mix with the Marriage of Magic and Faith.

Within days of coming home from the Boulder weekend I felt very drawn to watch the movie Earthsea. It’s based on the Wizard of Earthsea trilogy by Ursela K Leguin. It’s a made for TV movie and a little cheezy, but I loved the books as a kid and it had been 9 mos or so since the last time I saw it.

If you are not familiar, it is about a young man who had a very powerful natural talent for wizardry despite being a humble blacksmiths son. When his powerful ability is revealed, a community wizard takes Ged (the young man) into his care for training, but Ged is far too eager for the slow methodical teaching of Ogeon.

When Ged goes to the school of Wizardry w/ high recommendations and an intense urge to soak in as much and as fast as possible, another student of noble blood and great arrogance challenges Ged to test his power.

In Ged’s ego driven need to prove his power he released an “undead”. The “Gebbeth”. This Gebbeth is of such evil and great power that it threatens all of Earthsea and Ged must leave the wizards school for the safety of all. When Ged goes to Ogeon, Ogeon tells him that he must find this Gebbeths true name to have power over it and that he must turn and face it or forever be hunted.

I will skip over the details of pursuit and destruction that occurs through the story to get to the whole point. -Sorry. I’m going to spoil the ending 🙂

Ged follows the Gebbeth to the Tombs of Atuan where the ‘Undead’ have been contained for centuries by Sisters of [some non-specific belief] Faith. Here Ged meets a young woman of Faith he’s been dreaming about for years and who has also been dreaming about him. Together they go through the labyrinth to the inner chamber of the tomb where the Gebbeth is waiting.

The Gebbeth tries to convince Ged they will have great power together but Ged has learned the secret. The Gebbeth is Geds own Ego of fear, anger, resentment etc. that threatened to take over and spread great “evil”. Ged gives the Gebbeth his own true name (Sparrow Hawk) and forgives all his fears, anger etc. to overcome and integrate the Gebbeth regaining his own full power.

Another Ego driven character arrives to free the rest of the Undead from the tomb believing he will attain everlasting life so he sets them free threatening all of Earthsea to eternal darkness.

It’s the joined power of the young woman of Faith and Geds powerful Wizardry that are the key to vanquishing all of the undeads from Earthsea freeing all for glorious, peaceful, and long lives.

The Marriage of Magic and Faith.

That is what You are doing. Being a Bishop and doing this “energy” stuff 🙂 That is what I have finally become a part of.

This “Energy work/manifesting/power of intention” is what centuries upon centuries of Druids, Witch craft, Shamans, Sages, -and any other “mystical” system- is all about. But, at least I know in my case, I had some very deep resentments from “Christian” wars/judgments driving me from my Peaceful, Mother Nature rooted practices. Interestingly…. I still kept several copies of the Bible. Guess I felt the energy of the message despite all the Dogmas etc…

(A little side note: I find deep resonance with Thomas Jefferson who not only was a writer, but edited the Bible leaving only the passages of Faith, Forgiveness and Love. Back then, if he’d gone public with this ‘edition’, he would have been considered blasphemous, been ostracized and never would have been able to write the declaration of Independence or do the amazing foundational work for America that he did. I’m guessing you already know this 🙂 )

Though I have had very little in THIS life to blame Religions for, the resentment ran deep. It was not until I read the first Conversations with God book when I was 19 that I could even say the word “God” (ug such a masculine and forceful feeling just remembering) without cringing. That was when I learned to disassociate “God” from my horrible feelings of Religious oppression. … yep… been doing lot’s of clearing 😉 When I was in my early 20’s, I even took a college course on world religions and found a common message in all of them. That’s what I chose to focus on and left the rest behind.

Now… 15 years later… I am within a little over a month from finishing my first year of A Course in Miracles Lessons. I have come to this course all on my own, not by force or overbearing, but just by my readiness. Now I am thinking/speaking/writing about God and Jesus in ways I NEVER IMAGINED I WOULD!!!

A Course in Miracles was Scribed Dr. Helen Schucman and is considered by a great many to be the core messages Jesus intended but were in many ways, misinterpreted and adapted in the Bible. I have also found it to have some references to “seeing/imagining” clearing away the clouds to reveal the Light of Truth (sound familiar? 🙂 and releasing our brothers from the chains of bondage/judgment we put on them. And of course Forgiveness.

ACIM version of forgiveness is acknowledging that -none of it even exists!- This is all a dream perpetuated by our thoughts that we are something we are not. The truth is that we are incredible LOVE, power, peace etc. WE are GOD in TRUTH. Just forgotten WHO WE ARE. The only way out of our dream is to Forgive it all, hand it over to the Light (Holy Spirit, Higher Self, ~*Intuition*~ 🙂 to interpret it for us, and acknowledge the light/Christ in all our “brothers” which are really our own creation to reflect/perpetuate separation/judgment when in truth… it’s ALL JUST US.

So, to see the light more clearly and know our own GOD TRUTH… we must see it and Love it in EVERY ASPECT of our creation until we have become completely neutral (Neutral/Neutrality being my interpreted word that applies to this energy practice) and have reached the last Judgment. Which is not the Judgment of God, but OUR ego last Judgement left that we have created to separate ourselves from our TRUE SELVES.

I am definitely NOT a Bishop, nor do I know the Bible inside and out, but, reading the Disappearance of The Universe By Gary Renard (I highly recommend this and all Gary’s books if you are interested in A Course In Miracles) helped me understand so much more of the Bible and what it was REALLY supposed to mean (according to ACIM). Jesus was SO ahead of his time that his message was just too abstract to most. Sadly it was distorted by the ego filters of man. Of course… there is more of this in ACIM. I have SO much more respect for all faiths than I ever have, simply that all are trying to find their way to peace in the best way they know how.

ACIM uses “Christian” language and reiterates many concepts that were in the Bible.

I am not telling you all about ACIM to try to “convert” you. My only reason in explaining about it is to illustrate my journey of being deeply rooted in “Magic” and having finally merged with the Loving messages of Jesus and the concepts of Faith.

As a Bishop doing the “Magic” of “Energy work/intuition” I thought you might appreciate the validation of the significant power of both to be the “Saviour” of humanity. It’s what we ALL are called to do. To help the betterment of mankind to the best of our abilities. Just ONE path to our truth.:) Together, Miracles DO HAPPEN at AMAZING rates!! 🙂

So much Love and Validation to you to have the courage to combine two such powerful forces who have for so long been at such odds.

This message finally feels complete.

With Much Love and Gratitude,
~Jamie M Eastman